Recreational Marijuana Legislation

Recent Developments

Rhode IslandSB 44803-02-201706-30-2017In SenateExempts gross receipts from the sale of seeds and plants used to grow food and food products from sales and use taxes
MaineLD 243 (HP 176)01-26-201706-29-2017EnactedPublic Law No. 278. Assigns to the Department of Administrative and Financial Services authority to license the distribution, tracking and sale of retail marijuana and retail marijuana products and the licensure of retail marijuana social clubs
OregonHB 219701-10-201706-29-2017EnactedChapter 495. Allows Department of Revenue to enter into agreement with qualified governing body of federally recognized Indian tribe for purpose of making rebate payments for estimate of tax on marijuana items
OregonSB 101503-06-201706-29-2017EnactedChapter 531. Redefines cannabinoid concentrate and extract to include any concentrate or extract made from plant Cannabis family Cannabaceae
WashingtonHB 2238C06-28-201706-28-2017IntroducedConcerns the licensing of marijuana businesses that are located in close proximity to playgrounds, child care centers, and preschools
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