Recreational Marijuana Legislation

Recent Developments

CaliforniaAB 279902-16-201809-13-2018To GovernorAmends MAUCRSA to require all distributors of cannabis to successfully complete a CalOSHA general industry course offered by an authorized trainer.
CaliforniaSB 82901-03-201809-11-2018To GovernorAmends MAUCRSA to prohibit a retailer from providing free cannabis to a customer, except for specific medicinal and microbusiness licensees under certain conditions.
CaliforniaSB 145102-16-201809-10-2018VetoedAmends MAUCRSA to impose specific penalties on any retailer that sells cannabis or cannabis products to anyone under a certain age or who allows anyone under that age to consume cannabis on the licensed retail premises
CaliforniaAB 326104-02-201809-07-2018To GovernorDefines the term "microbusiness" for the purposes of MAUCRSA. Changes MAUCRSA to reflect the transfer of powers and responsibilities of the Board of Equalization to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration
CaliforniaAB 298002-16-201809-07-2018To GovernorDefines "premises" under MAUCRSA as the area where the license privileges are, or will be, exercised. Ensures MAUCRSA will not prohibit multiple licensed premises from sharing common areas.
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