Medical Marijuana Legislation

Recent Developments

District of ColumbiaB22-37007-06-201708-04-2017Enacted[Emergency Act, expires 10/25/17] A22-0109. Provide certain medical marijuana cultivation center applicants with the ability to relocate to another election Ward
OregonHB 219801-09-201708-03-2017EnactedChapter No. 613. Adds commissioners from cannabis retail industry. Specifies that Oregon Health Authority may not register marijuana grow sites, marijuana processing sites and medical marijuana dispensaries.
MaineLD 238 (SP 84)01-26-201708-03-2017In Senate[carry over] An Act To Amend the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act
MaineLD 389 (SP 130)02-01-201708-02-2017In House[carry over] Promotes access to financial institutions by registered dispensaries or registered caregivers authorized under the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act
MaineLD 387 (SP 128)02-02-201708-02-2017In Senate[carry over] Provides for oversight of Maine's recreational marijuana Laws
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