Medical Marijuana Legislation

Recent Developments

CaliforniaAB 115902-17-201709-07-2017Passed SenateProvides exception to attorney-client privilege does not apply to legal services rendered in compliance with state or local laws on medical cannabis or adult use of marijuana
CaliforniaSB 11801-11-201709-07-2017In HouseRequires the Department of Health to notify local jurisdictions regarding specified application determinations contingent upon an applicant not providing adequate proof
CaliforniaAB 6412-12-201609-01-2017Died/KilledSpecifies that licensees under the Act may operate for profit or not for profit. Specifies that a dispensary, producing dispensary, or retailer license may be issued for certain storefront locations
CaliforniaAB 38902-09-201709-01-2017Died/KilledRequires the Bureau of Marijuana to publish a consumer guide to educate the public on the regulation of medical and nonmedical marijuana
CaliforniaAB 42002-09-201709-01-2017Died/KilledRequires an advertisement for the sale of medical cannabis to identify the licensee responsible for its content
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