UCSD Has Goldmine of Medical Cannabis Research

In 2000, the University of California at San Diego founded its Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research. The purpose of the Center "is to coordinate rigorous scientific studies to assess the safety and efficacy of cannabis and cannabis compounds for treating medical conditions."

The Center’s website not only has an archive of news articles about the effect of cannabis on the human body but also has collected and posted published scientific studies from its own research and other sources regarding the medical use of cannabis and its effects on the brain.

The Center itself has published more than a dozen results of completed studies, which range from the analgesic (i.e., nerve pain-relieving) effects of cannabis to controlling muscle spasticity in persons who have multiple sclerosis.

Most interesting is that four Center-funded studies have demonstrated that cannabis has analgesic effects in pain conditions secondary to injury (e.g., spinal cord injury) or disease (e.g., HIV disease, HIV drug therapy) of the nervous system. Three of these studies utilized cannabis “as an add-on treatment for patients who were not receiving adequate benefit from a wide range of standard pain-relieving medications.”

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