Employers engaged in the rapidly-expanding cannabis industry face a myriad of workforce challenges in states where marijuana is fully legalized, and employers in jurisdictions where medical cannabis is legal are struggling to reconcile their workplace policies with the employee-patient’s right to use such treatment. Because of the conflicts between federal and state laws and the piecemeal legalization, employers should be vigilant when reviewing their workplace policies.

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“Employer Beware”: The Danger Lurking in California’s State Retail Cannabis Regulations

By Ryan Kocot, Law Office of Ryan T. Kocot

The Emergency Regulations released on December 7, 2017, allow a dispensary to sell cannabis directly to consumers in-store, as well as via delivery. But what can happen to the dispensary when one of its delivery employees is pulled over for a traffic violation, and he or she smells like marijuana by virtue of driving a van full of product?

Marijuana Legalization Votes Won’t End Drug-Free Workplaces

By Matthew Bultman

Eight states will vote in November on whether to legalize marijuana for medical or recreational use, but attorneys say employers in those states will be able to maintain drug-free workplaces regardless of what happens at the polls. (Subscription Required)

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When Weed Comes to the Workplace

By Sue Reisinger

A growing number of lawyers are tackling marijuana-related business/legal issues--including a panel that examined labor and employment problems that can arise from "working in weed."

NLRB Judge Says Marijuana Organizations Are Joint Employers

NLRB judge decided that two Oregon nonprofits are joint employers with a company that helps people get medical marijuana permits, while finding the group violated federal labor law when one refused to hire a man because of his union ties. (Subscription Required)

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OPINION: Manhattan Beer Distributors, LLC

362 NLRB No. 192 (August 27, 2015)

The NLRB held that an employer violated the NLRA when it denied an employee, who reported to work with his clothes “reek[ing] of the smell of marijuana”, his right to the physical presence of a union representative during a reasonable suspicion drug test.

Marijuana Safety Manual Being Developed

By Sue Vorenberg

Under the leadership of the UFCW Local 367, a group of industry experts are developing the first "Cannabis Industry Workplace Safety and Health" manual for the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

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