Rural Environmental Issues

Environmental considerations and regulation issues are triggered by recreational and medical use of cannabis, and its cultivation, production, and sale. Federal and state law overlap and conflicts.

California Commercial Cannabis Real Estate and the New MAUCRSA Rules

California released almost 300 pages of new regulations for medicinal and adult-use commercial cannabis businesses that will impact cannabis businesses regarding real estate and land use. The regulations address mitigation of the environmental impacts of cannabis cultivation, the permitted diversion and discharge of water relating to cultivation, licensing, and renewable energy requirements.

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Clean Water Demanded from Pot Farms

By Nick Cahill

The North Coast Regional Water Quality Board approved the marijuana monitoring program for growers that produce large amounts of marijuana in Humboldt, Mendocino, Sonoma and other counties. Northern California marijuana growers will have to enroll in the nation's first regulatory program to monitor the impact of large-scale cultivation on groundwater supplies.

Oregon Considers Regulation of Pesticides in Marijuana Industry

By Noelle Crombie

This article advocates that states with regulated marijuana markets should require agriculture agencies and universities to develop data-driven recommendations for pesticide use in cannabis cultivation and should educate marijuana growers about how to manage pests that threaten their crops.

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Web Site: America's Weed Rush

This investigation of marijuana legalization in America is the 2015 project of the Carnegie-Knight News21 program, a national multimedia investigative reporting project produced by the nation’s top journalism students and graduates.

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