Marijuana DUIs in California: Scientific and Legal Limbo

Ryan Kocot, Law Office of Ryan T. Kocot

Until there is sufficient funding to adequately study the effects of marijuana on the brain, we will likely be stuck in scientific and legal limbo and the difficulties in prosecuting a marijuana DUI will continue.

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Most marijuana businesses are currently denied access to banking services, largely because financial institutions, fearful of potential money laundering, criminal charges, or losing their FDIC coverage, refuse to offer them. Robert Elam explores this problem and the efforts that have been made to address it, in the latest issue of CEB's California Business Law Reporter.

Latest News

California Emergency Cannabis Regulations

by Evoke Law

The California executive branch issued emergency regulations to fully implement the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) and provide guidance for California cannabis businesses heading into 2018. This blog focuses on regulations to determine how cannabis businesses will be affected regarding Packaging, Labeling, Branding, Advertising, & Product Recall.

California Commercial Cannabis Real Estate and the New MAUCRSA Rules

California released almost 300 pages of new regulations for medicinal and adult-use commercial cannabis businesses that will impact cannabis businesses regarding real estate and land use. The regulations address mitigation of the environmental impacts of cannabis cultivation, the permitted diversion and discharge of water relating to cultivation, licensing, and renewable energy requirements.


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